Shoptomydoor is known as the top provider of fast, reliable and affordable shipping from Ebay to Nigeria.
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Shoptomydoor is your number one choice for reliable buying and shipping from Ebay to Nigeria. We also give you access to over 80,000 stores to shop from. Shoptomydoor also provides a 14 day free holding of your goods in our warehouse, this means you can shop more over a longer period and have it all shipped as one shipment thereby saving you cost.

Call us now on TEL: (+234) 0700 800 8000 ; Whats App: (+234) 813 541 4956 to enjoy our stress free air and ocean shipping to Nigeria.


Come on board for a free USA address, shop from over 80,000 stores and save as much as 80% off Global shipping.

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Benefits of Shoptomydoor

With your free UK address you save 80% of what you pay shipping from UK with other major shippers.


Shoptomydoor have developed a customer-focused logistics system that ensures your car is delivered promptly and in great order . We ensure your goods are delivered to you within three days .we have a work-flow system with emphasis on customer satisfaction and great service delivery. We have a 3 day delivery window from USA to Nigeria.


We have a dedicated and responsive customer service available 24/7 all 365 days of the year on Email,Telephone, Social Media pages and Live chat on our websites.


We also run a 100% money back policy including cost of shipping and cost of goods.However , we keep working hard and have a system designed to make sure your cargo is delivered on time and in great condition.


We offer one of the best rates in the industry with as much as 80% discount if you ship direct with us and a 40% discount from DHL and other partner airlines if you desire to use them as a third-party partner through us. Like we said nothing but the best shipping service to Nigeria from USA.


We save you time and make it very convenient with our Door-Delivery service.


Delivery take from 2 - 11 business day, depending on the shipping methods you selected. We deliver as promised always .

We Ship Globally

We have handled all shipment both big and small with greatest care.

We ship not just to Nigeria just like other shipping companies in Nigeria, we ship globally. Our global shipping service is second to none and we have had success all around the world delivering over 3 million items world wide.

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Get Free US, UK and China Address

We have built an amazing addressing system that automatically assign unique warehouse address to all our users right from the moment they sign up on our platform. With the unique addresses assigned our users are able to shop directly on USA online stores, ships to their assigned address and we ships to their location and delivers to their doors. This system makes us very effective in handling users items/packages without mix ups. .


How It Works

Shopping from US, UK China is so easy when you have a shoptomydoor account:

  • Join us on and you a free USA, UK and China address.
  • Proceed to verify your email and phone number, we’ll SMS your code or call you.
  • Update your delivery address, where all items will be delivered to in Nigeria.
  • Shop from any online store and send your purchases to your assigned address.
  • We will receive and deliver your shopping easily to your doorstep, anywhere in Nigeria.
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    Automobile Shipping

    Car Shipping

    We clear and deliver to your door in 5 business days.

    • With just $1,090 your car will be delivered to Nigeria.
    • We can also pick up if you are within Houston.
    • If you are outside Houston you can request a pick up and we will come get your car your car.
    • To save cost you let us know where you are and we will direct you to the closest port where we ship out your car.

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